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Are we a perfect match?

Wedding photographers. They are everywhere. All with different styles, experience and expertise. All brilliant in their own way. So the question is...what makes me the photographer for you? The truth, as much as I hate to admit it, is that I might not be and that’s okay. I have a specific style that may not meet everyone’s standards or taste. BUT, if you do like what you are seeing and are wondering what might separate me from others  then the answer is...I CARE. I care about you looking and feeling your absolute best and making sure your day runs as graceful as possible. You’ve spent months, maybe even years, planning this PERFECT day and I make it my job to ensure that happens.  About to have a total melt down? I will become your instant counselor or best friend and will talk you through it until you are happily skipping down the aisle. A pimple? Say whhhhat?! You didn’t wait 2 years for YOUR day to get here and end up with a zit in the center of your forehead left there to be reminded of in every single picture...I happily edit that little stinker out.  Furthermore, I don’t simply snap quick photos...I wait until that moment when I see that side of you...the side you want everyone to see. The side that glows and radiates beauty and happiness. I ask questions. Do you have a better side (some may not admit it-buttttt we all do)? Are you self conscience about any certain things on your body?  What Photos are most important to you on THIS day?  And together we work around all these things to make sure I am capturing the absolute BEST YOU. Further more, we have fun! So much fun. I care about you enjoying your experience with me...especially since I will be following you around like a crazy creeper for 6+ hours...I try my darnedest to make it fun, silly, and to feel like your best friend. What else? I take notice. That silver haired papa staring at his youngest grandson with pride. I look for that. I take candid family photos that are not stiff or posed. Is that beautiful GiGi over there your everything? I’ll make you squeeze the life right out of her for some beautiful shots and sincere memories.   I make you hug, kiss, laugh and sometimes cry (happy tears of course). My goal is to capture the love...the emotions...not just the smiles. I prefer candid, nose wrinkles, belly laughs, dancing, twirling, and fun lifts in the air. I want raw, real moments. So before booking with me, make sure you browse my galleries...make sure you love what you see. 

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