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More than a Smile

As your photographer my goal is to bring you back to a memory...I want you to feel the warmth of the sun, hear the laughter of your kids, and feel the wedding day jitters all over again when you look back at your images. I want to cover your walls with beautiful raw and real art. Below you will find the services I offer....lets make memories together...

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I do 

Wedding Packages Starting at $2500

Wether it be a small outdoor celebration under a willow tree or an elaborate ball room party; I offer my clients a full range of packages that will suit their specific needs for their promises of forever.  I love every aspect of a wedding day...from the morning window light glow streaming through a lace dress, a mothers sparkling eyes as she helps place a necklace around her daughters neck, the tears of a groom watching his future approach him, nervous ceremony laughter, and a fathers glow as he twirls his baby girl on the dance floor. Every moment speaks to me and I keep my head on a swivel making sure to not miss a thing. If I sound like the photographer for you, please feel free to contact me for more information!


Your Love | Raw + Real

Engagement Sessions Starting at $400

A lot of people skip out on engagement sessions...but let me tell you, they are my fave. Not only do we get to meet and get comfortable with each other, but this is a session we have total control over... Unlike your wedding day, we can reschedule if the weather is iffy. We can wait for the perfect sunset or sunrise. We can go to any location. If there is something special to you, like where you first met or proposed...we could go back and relive some amazing moments and make new memories. This is the session where personalities shine and your love truly shows. On your wedding're nervous, you're overwhelmed, you're dressed up and you are surrounded by people..which can make it hard to show your true emotions. But an engagement sessions is private and personal.  You can dress casual, feel comfortable and just snuggle up in each others laps as I capture your beautiful souls. We can dance in water, stroll downtown, find ourselves somewhere lost in the woods, or simply be plopped on your couch watching Netflix and eating ice cream. The possibilities are truly endless, photos timeless, and the memories made are priceless.


Lifestyle Sessions

Love Bumps, Babes First Closeup, All YOU Senior Portraits, This is US Family Sessions
Starting at $400

As much as I enjoy capturing love at weddings....smaller more personal sessions give me life.  There is nothing I love more than capturing a mothers glow and that sweet love bump or a babes first close up and those fresh fuzzy cheeks and pink lips. I have so much fun with seniors as they are preparing to take on the world and start a new chapter. Capturing their personality and not just their smile is always my goal. And nothing beats the realness of a family session; kids running through fields, jumping on beds, snowball fights and lots of tickles and laughter.  These sessions make my heart so happy. Contact me today and we will make and capture memories together.

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